The First Annual OKCityscape Scavenger Hunt is going to be ONE HUGE PARTY! We are currently spiffing up our amazing toy models of locations around the OKC Metro. Then, we will be secretly placing these models in their corresponding locations. (Think landmarks, businesses, etc…)
Also, a few of the models will have a secret surprise- find all of those, and you will win even more!!!
Starting on November 8, we will reveal the list of destinations for you to hunt- and when you find one, you then “Check-in” and “Text in”  to begin qualification for the BIG AWARD PARTY! At this event, there will be an individual Grand Prize of $1000, with a Team prize of a Thunder Suite, tickets to the game, and $400 cash!!
Kick-off will be live at The Exchange OKC- 700 1/2 W. Sheridan, OKC 73102. With 5 weeks to complete checkins, this will be a great way to win some awesome Holiday Ca$h!

Official Rules and Regulations of the

OK Cityscape 2012 Great Scavenger Hunt

  • Two ways to hunt: Either individually (must get all of the checkins personally from one phone number), or as a Team- Maximum of four per Team (any combination of PRE-Registered Numbers can achieve all items… i.e.- split up and hunt, dividing up the check-ins)
  • Some scavenger hunt tasks deal with strangers… It’s very important to be kind and respectful with strangers, and with that said – always be on guard and stay safe, use your healthy judgment when it comes to people you don’t know.
  • NO harassing citizens of your town, physically or verbally for items or photographs. It is their right to choose not to help you and you should respect that (even if you think they are lame for not helping you).
  • No breaking any laws! Scavenger hunts are for having fun, but you must do so legally! If you break any laws during the duration of the scavenger hunt, your team will be disqualified. This includes (but is not limited to) – shoplifting, assault, trespassing, blackmail, bribery, forgery, perjury, fraud, etc.!
  • If businesses or private individuals lend you items it’s okay, but please note that it is each team’s responsibility to return any borrowed items to their original owners (if requested).
  • Everyone needs to know the boundaries of the scavenger hunt. Make it very clear what they are, whether they are inside, outside, in a certain neighborhood, etc.
  • Always play fair. Don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other people’s chances to win, if you do – you’re team might be disqualified. This means no cheating, lying, stealing, sabotaging, or copying other people’s work. Sabotaging other teams will result in disqualification.
  • After the scavenger hunt is over and the scoring takes place,  Each MEMBER or INDIVIDUAL MUST ATTEND FINAL EVENT PARTY TO WIN PRIZE.
  • All challenges must be completed and pictures/videotaping scenes MUST be taken only during the duration of this specific scavenger hunt, November 8- December 12, 2012. (Challenges completed or photos/videotaping and checkin scenarios taken outside this time frame will be disqualified).
  • Spending money to acquire check-ins on the list is not required.
  • If teams are driving around in a car, everyone needs to wear seat belts.
  • Make sure each team has a mobile phone and contact numbers in the case of an emergency.
  • No littering. Always clean up after yourselves and your teammates.
  • Cheaters never win. If anyone on your team cheats or breaks the rules, the whole team gets disqualified. Remember – it’s just a game! Be kind and have fun :-)
  • Judges determinations for first team to arrive bonuses are only calculated after the scavenger hunts results are final.
  • The preferred method of participation is via Check-in with Facebook, and Text-in via SMS using provided short codes. If for some reason you are unable to utilize this process, then you can email pictures in a completed PDF format to lEllis@venturespur.com.A complete PDF with each item included (including the corresponding pictures) will only be accepted. Time of entry will be stamped as the date and time on the received email. Please include Name, Phone, Address, Email, DOB, and Emergency contact info (nearest to you, non-relative).
  • Have FUN!!! See you at the Finish Party!




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